Lalki Malarki -
handmade dolls

Lalki Malarki (EN: „Painter’s Dolls”) are handmade dolls made with great passion.

Full of charm, very nice and soft in touch, they give a lot of joy to children, and also they bring back to adults happy memories from carefree childhood.

They make every face smile.

Each doll is unique, each has her own character. Each one will decorate beautifully a child’s room or an adult’s living room.

They are about 30 cm (12 inches) tall. They can move their arms and legs.

The process of creating such a doll is very time-consuming, but the final result is definitely worth it.

Who is the handmade doll for?

– for children as a toy or a cuddly toy developing empathy

– for adults as a unique home decoration

– for handmade dolls collectors.

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Śliczna lalka blondynka prezent dla kobiety lalki Monika Rogowicz


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